Creating your business breakthrough and a beautifully balanced life.

To get your balance back, discover which part of you is missing.

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You’re feeling totally stressed out, overwhelmed and every day just seems a crazy list of stuff to get through.

You want more clients, more time, more profit, and ultimately more freedom, but you can’t see how you can fit any more into your day.

Are you going down the road to burnout?

Now imagine starting your day knowing exactly how you want to feel, and what you need to do to have a great day. Imagine each day being beautifully balanced, flowing easily while you’re in control and doing everything you want to do. You have time to meet up with friends, relax with those you love and have a lot more fun.

Now you’re building something beautiful with grace and ease.

I have over 26 years of running my own businesses, so I get you! I used to think multi-tasking was a talent until it turned into crazy plate-spinning. I’ve been the busy Mum, rushing around watching the clock, and then being tied to my laptop at midnight, doing one more thing. I’ve felt challenged and exhausted but getting nowhere.

Everything’s changed. It’s now about thriving not striving!

I have a very unique way of bring balance back into life and business so that it all expands, but it flows easily.  I have the business know-how and all the marketing knowledge you ever need, but I also have the 4 Womanly Aspects.

So what are these 4 Womanly Aspects?

They are part of you. We all have our different roles and sides to our character.  I just call them the 4 Womanly Aspects.  Call them parts of your intuition if you like. They can be very powerful, but you need to hear them. When you do, it’s breathtakingly obvious that they’re your most powerful guides.

 But the question is, can you hear them?

First, there’s your inner Goddess.  She’ll help you know how you want to feel.

Then there’s your Mother, so you know instinctively what you need.

There’s the Boss to guide you to your action steps every day.

And finally, there’s the Lover, because it’s vital to have some pleasure and joy in your day!

When you can tune in, listen, and embody them all, you become empowered and unstoppable!

Take me on as your coach and mentor, and you’ll get in touch with yourself once more, creating the life that you want, but without getting stuck in that hamster wheel!  I’ll teach you how to use the 4 Womanly Aspects so that you can transform your life in a way that feels calm and elegant. Using my 26 years of training and experience I’ll give you the tools so that you can structure your day smartly and live fully.  You’ll have support, learn to set boundaries and you’ll acknowledge that you deserve success and plenty of fun too! 

You’re going to feel empowered, confident, elegant, and ready to expand your beautiful business.

Stop striving, start thriving. Here’s how.

“When I came to you I had a huge lack in confidence, I didn’t know what my passions were and I know I had low self worth. I was so worried about wasting my life and regretting that! I was fearful of not living up to my potential and this meant I had real mood swings.

You both empowered me and encouraged me. I’ve clarified my passions and have finally realized that I am entitled to joy. I have started an art course, I’ve started volunteering, I’ve bought a new car and have started doing things on my own. I feel so positive and empowered. Keep doing what you’re doing and thank you so much!”

Kathryn, Sussex

“I feel so at home at home!!! I used to feel like an outsider here … now everything is exactly as it should be!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! My heart is still singing like a lark!!!”