You’re an entrepreneur? Use your lover to help your business flourish!

Ok I admit it, I’ve been a serial entrepreneur for over 30 years. What did I do? I sold children’s clothes, specialist food, cleaning services, gift wrap, journals, a night at the cinema… and so it went on. Some were … Continue reading

Colouring Books for Mindfulness – just how do they work?

There has been an explosion. Everywhere you go you see them. I’m talking about colouring books. They are everywhere, and the point of them is to help you be mindful. Mindful? What’s that all about then? It’s a concept and … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning! Getting lighter and ready to dance.

SPRING CLEANING! I think this week we have definitely seen good positive signs of Spring. While the daffodils have been dancing for a while, the magnolia blossoms are now unfurling and we’re waking up to sunshine. At last. Some of … Continue reading

In fear of the neighbours

I was brought up in fear of the neighbours. They were I’m sure, all perfectly nice, normal people but my parents were always extolling me to do something, or not, because “what would the neighbours think?”. As well as encouraging … Continue reading

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