My lightbulb moment on the boat to Capri

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, the sea was a bright blue and we were on the way to Capri.  It was a relaxing holiday and at last I was getting time to think. 

I always say if you want to have fresh new ideas for your business, you need to step back and give yourself the time and space to think.  And here I was thinking about my coaching, my clients and how to formulate my message so that women like you would really “get me”.

On the boat to Capri

I’d been wondering for a while how to amalgamate the fact that I’m a great business mentor with over 26 years of experience, together with helping women realise that they could have a life, and business, that flowed easily and elegantly. 

I want to help women build a brand, and grow their business into something extraordinary, and I also want to see them have it all without stress and overwhelm.  Now I’m starting to own what I have and what I am.  People often say I’m elegant, even when I’m in jeans and T-shirt (which still makes me laugh), and I must admit, I love the finer things in life;  and I know I just love finding new ways to market and grow a business in a simple way.

Gliding towards Capri with glass of Prosecco in hand and a very handsome Italian at the tiller, the thought suddenly came to me – The Elegant Entrepreneur!

Yes! Suddenly it all fitted together, I could do both!  Why shouldn’t my clients have it all? The more I said it the better it felt, like trying on a new dress.  Here I was, an entrepreneur, really enjoying a proper break, and living the life a lot of entrepreneurs strive for.  After all, this is why I’ve always had my own business!

So here I am, and my mission is to help  established entrepreneurs who want to expand their business but are already so overwhelmed that they feel they can’t take on any more. They want the life they imagined in the first place; one of more time, more freedom, and a helluva lot more fun!

Do you know someone like this?  Is this you?  If being an Elegant Entrepreneur resonates with you, I’d love to hear from you.  If you desire success, but with ease and flow, then it probably does.  If you want a life on your terms, based on feeling free and joyous and successful, then come and join me as an Elegant Entrepreneur!  





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