Working together

Working together

  •  Are you sitting there wondering what on earth to do next?
  • Do you feel as though you’re in a foreign land and don’t know which way to turn?
  • Has life dealt you a big change and you can’t figure out what your next role is?
  • Are you fed up with what’s gone before but have no idea how to move forward?

When you’re feeling stuck your head just goes round in circles, nothing seems clear.

You wake in the night turning it all over wondering what the next steps are. You just don’t feel you know yourself anymore, who are you and what you really want.  Life is just so confusing!  You know deep down you are capable, strong and confidant, but somewhere that’s all got lost. You want to be of value, have a purpose, live a great life but you just don’t know how to start.

I’ve been there so many times!  

I’ve landed in a strange place and not known how I fit in.  Not only have I had to deal with a big upheaval, but find my way, discover my purpose, make new friends and connections, start over.  I’ve started new businesses and interests only to find they didn’t really come from my heart, I wasn’t being my real self, my authentic self. Oh boy did I lose money going down the wrong path!  I wasted so much time and effort, trying to work out what I really desired from my life.

But all these experiences had taught me how to work my way through these situations. I discovered how to get clarity so that I can create a strategy that moves me forward.  Through working through a process, and getting a coach, I learnt the right the right questions to ask so that I can find a solution.

Today I know what I really, really want, I know how I want to feel and I absolutely understand what it is that lights me up and makes my heart sing. It doesn’t matter what life throws at me, I understand what’s needed to help me step out and stride forward! 

 As a Life Coach I now coach women from all over the world to get in touch with who they are in a deeply authentic way. They discover their true capacity, come to realise how powerful they are and that they can create the life they’ve only dreamed about.

 This is what will happen when I coach you:

  • You’ll discover how you really want to feel every day of your life, so each day all the decisions are already made.
  • You’re going to find that passion and purpose that’s been hidden, and become the woman you hardly dared you could be
  • You’ll get a plan on how to make your life the best it can be, so you can start to make your dream the real thing.

I have three options for you.

Strategy Programme Private coaching Intensive coaching

Why should you come to me?

Firstly I’ve probably been there so I can empathise! Moving around the world there have been several times when I’ve asked myself “What on earth do I do now?” I’ve had to work out what I want and how to get there. Often.

Secondly, over 30 years, I’ve run 5 businesses and worked for 2 companies, so I have a lot of business experience too. This helps when it comes to making goals and planning a strategy, whether you want to talk “business” or not. I’ve had successes and failures and have learnt from them all.

I’ve become a coach because I find it incredibly uplifting to help women shine a light through their own fog and gain that essential clarity.  I have studied many different coaching methods, including NLP, Transformational coaching and the Desire Map. I can create the experience that’s right for you.

Being the age I am, I have a lot of life experience too. And I’ve learnt from every one. I know what it is to love, to lose, to grieve, to be in heart-stopping situations, and to feel so alive you think you could fly. I understand that life can throw stuff at you when you least expect it, and I know how awesome success can feel.

How can I help you?

“I feel so at home at home!!! I used to feel like an outsider here … now everything is exactly as it should be!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! My heart is still singing like a lark!!!” – AB
“Having clarity on how I want to feel now means that I can find a way to experience these feelings through everything I do. It’s a novel and very effective concept and I believe having a clear understanding of this is the key to doing and getting what we want out of life. Thank you Karen!” – CL