You Gotta Know How to Feel

Do you know how you feel? Last week I talked about how life is like a painting and just as you can create a painting (though it may not be up to Royal Academy standard!) so you CAN create your life.  I suggested you had a vision of what you really, really want to achieve.  If you missed last week’s blog on creating the vision click here.

How are you going to create your dream life; paint that big picture? Let’s look at taking your first step to get there. Here’s an exercise I do with a lot of my clients. First break down your life into 5 areas. Your Livelihood and Lifestyle encompasses your career and money, the place you live, your possessions and your style. Body and Wellness would include what you do for relaxation, and don’t forget your mental health. In Creativity and Learning, list your hobbies, interests, education, and your artistic and self-expression. Relationships and Society would include not just family and friendships but your community and any causes you’re involved with. Essence and Spirituality is who you are in terms of your soul, faith, practices, truth and intuition.

You Gotta Know How You Feel

Taking each section, think about what’s working. What are you grateful for and why? How do these elements of your life add to your life? Write it all down. Then go back and ask yourself what you’re not happy about. What is causing sadness, frustration, discomfort or disappointment and how does this affect your life? It’s a very thought provoking and illuminating exercise.

Now we come to the nitty gritty; how do you want to feel in these areas of your life? Don’t rush this, you can be as specific or vague as you like. Listen to your intuition and let the thoughts flow.

What are the things that you are doing now that make you feel like that? Let’s take an example; in your area of Essence and Spirituality, you wrote that you really enjoying doing a yoga class. It makes you feel calm, grounded, and peaceful. These feelings are important to you, this is how you want to feel in other areas of your life. You might wish you felt the same when it comes to some of your relationships. Gaining this sort of clarity on your life and how you want to feel each day is incredibly empowering.

I’d love you to do this exercise and see what comes up for you. Next week I’ll go through what you can do to generate those feelings. Its the most powerfully creative thing you can do with your life.

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