5 steps to perfect decision making

My clients this month have all had trouble making decisions.  Without gaining clarity and then taking action on those choices, you can get stuck in confusion and inaction for a long time. Here are my 5 tips for helping you make perfect decisions – and moving forward!

Tip No 1 – Don’t make decisions based on who you are now, but on who you want to be.  

I always like to look to the future, especially when it comes to making decisions. I don’t base them on what I’m doing now, but I think ahead to the business owner I want to be in a year’s time. Imagine yourself as the entrepreneur with the successful business, plenty of income and time to spend it, how would you be making that decision?

If you were feeling capable, worthy, deserving of the luxuries, how would you be feeling about getting what you want?

If you were feeling empowered, successful, with a huge sense of achievement, would you be doing something differently?

The person in the future is bound to be different to the person you are today, so think and act like

the wildly successful person you WANT to be, and you’ll be making different decisions.

Decision making at the office.

Tip No 2 – Simplify your life!  

We all have so many decisions to make during the day that we get tired and often at the end of the day, we make poor ones. We’re fed up of having to choose so we give up, we can’t be bothered!

Try structuring your life so that you have fewer decisions to make.  

Look at your business, and wherever you’re frequently doing the same task (such as social media posting, writing blogs, writing to customers), make an outline plan so you always know your next step. This will stop you from sitting stuck, wondering what you’re going to write this time.  

Menu planning is a brilliant way of simplifying day to day decisions about what to eat. Set aside time to plan those meals, make the shopping list and you can forget about it for the rest of the week! Do you spend valuable time trying to decide what to wear each day. I’m not suggesting that you become like Mark Zuckerberg and have only grey T-shirts, but how about creating a great basic wardrobe for your normal office days?

Tip Number 3 – What are you telling yourself?  

I’ve been guilty of asking for others’ opinion too much. They say “Do it this way,” and I say, “OK, maybe they know more than I do,” and I go out and do it their way. 

And the whole time, my intuition was telling me it was a no, but I did not listen to it.  I’ll tell you, 100% of the time, when I don’t listen to my intuition, it never works out!

This is something you can get better at. Meditating helps, so if you don’t meditate, try today. There’s no right or wrong way to meditate and it’s not about emptying your mind – which is impossible. It’s more about sitting quietly and allowing thoughts and ideas to come up. If you prefer, go for a walk instead. Have no distractions, but allow yourself to think quietly. You’ll always have the answers if you choose to listen.

Tip Number 4 – Don’t string it out!   

When you’re sitting in a restaurant faced with a menu, you have to make up your mind in a couple of minutes, or you won’t get fed. Or you annoy your fellow diners. 

So when you have other decisions to make, give yourself a deadline. Don’t stress about whether it’s going to be the right decision, gather all the information you need, and mark a date in your calendar. I do this with my clients when we’re working on clarity in their business. It stops all the confusion that can hold you back for months or even, years. Once you declare you will have decided by say, next Thursday, you’ll feel both relieved and empowered. 

Tip Number 5  – Embrace your first decision.  

This comes with trusting yourself and becoming confident in your own ability.  Once you have made a decision, don’t get wrapped up in all that “maybe I shouldn’t have…”  or “perhaps the other way is better”. 

No, make your decision and then decide to feel good about it. When you allow yourself to regret your first decision, you stop yourself from going all in. There’s a part of you holding back saying “maybe I should have thought about ….” It’s not effective to keep on doubting your decision. 

Decide to feel excited about what you’ve chosen then move forward to make it happen.

In conclusion, remember that rarely is a decision set in stone.   You may make absolutely the right decision and life will be amazing, or it may be a wrong one, but you’ll learn valuable lessons from it. The key is to be confident in yourself and your ability to do what is right for you. If you have listened to your intuition, it’s highly likely the decision is perfect for you. Then decide to feel good about your choice and take action!

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