About Me

Karen BurgeAbout Me

I’ve been around; I’ve lived in Shropshire, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, London, and south west France. I’m now in Sussex near the sea and the South Downs.  

We all have our various roles.  I’m a wife, mother and now a Nana to three little ones. I’ve been a serial entrepreneur for over 26 years, setting up different businesses in food, fashion and gift retailing.  I’ve had a very successful domestic cleaning agency and I’ve been a Financial Advisor with private clients in Shropshire and Cheshire. I sold quality food over the internet even before the supermarkets got online! Oh yes, “Passion Food” was mine!

Along the way I’ve been in many different circumstances and like most of us I’ve had incredible experiences and also dealt with trauma, catastrophe and sadness. Each occasion gives us life lessons. 

Each business I’ve had has taught me something too. I can now say I know a LOT about marketing especially and I still say that 80% of ANY business is marketing. It’s all had to adapt as we’ve come to use increasing amounts of technology and I’m still learning – every day!

8 years ago I had a big wake up call that eventually brought me to the conclusion that I really, really wanted to coach women. I’d gone through a journey asking myself:

Who was I?  What were my values?  What did I really want?  Did I have a big vision for the future?

What was my purpose?  How was I going to make my mark?  These are all questions we ask ourselves and 7 years on and I’m creating my own life. I’m making my own choices. I know what I want and I’m making stuff happen so I can live my best life.  What would you learn if you went through the same process?

I know I eventually found my passion and decided I wanted to use my experiences and then training to help others through whatever life threw at them.  I have studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Breakthrough Coaching, the Thrive Programme and the Desire Map. This means I can draw on a number of tools and pathways, creating coaching sessions that are completely bespoke to you. This makes every session a real path of discovery!

Let’s talk, book a call now. It’s your first powerful coaching session and it’ll change your life.

What you may not have guessed about me

  • I took up Rollerblading just to impress my young grandson
  • I had Malaria in Nigeria and never want to go back
  • I set up a Child Day Care Centre for beggars’ children in Sri Lanka
  • I’ll eat anything and love exotic street food
  • I love dancing to Kaiser Chiefs and I don’t care who’s watching
  • I enjoy a brisk walk in the countryside, but only if it’s fine
  • I’ve dined with the Queen at Buckingham Palace
  • I was a croupier for a year and am really good at shuffling cards
  • I get my red hair from my Great Great Grandmother – apparently