About You

About You

You started your own business, because you wanted to have freedom and choice. You hate working to other people’s hours and dictums and you wanted more time for you and your family. Yes, even being able to choose your own hours when you could do all those other things you’re passionate about. 

Only now it’s all long hours and hustle. It’s often late nights at your laptop, pushing yourself to deadlines, and struggling to keep the customers happy.  Life just feels so difficult at times; you’re demoralised and frustrated, often feeling consumed by this business that you set up because you loved doing that thing you do. Only most of your hours are now spent writing, promoting, accounting, and marketing. You’re totally committed to growing this business, it’s your dream after all), but you need some help.  

You’re having to do everything in a very masculine way (all that decision making and action taking) and you’ve become disconnected from yourself.  You’d love to reconnect with yourself, living each day in a way that feels authentic to you as a woman. You’d like some grace and elegance in your life, feeling confident, feminine and calm. You want to be able to hear your own voice, to listen to your intuition and feel balanced and in control. 

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“On my journey I learnt that I yearn to be glamorous … for me that means being slim and having presentable nails. The experience helped me realise that I am in control of the choices I make; I decided to cut down on my alcohol intake and to stop biting my nails! The result is I have lost weight over 1/2 stone since August and my nails look lovely!  All this was an unexpected bonus!” – Anne
“Having clarity on how I want to feel now means that I can find a way to experience these feelings through everything I do. It’s a novel and very effective concept and I believe having a clear understanding of this is the key to doing and getting what we want out of life. Thank you Karen!” – CL
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