Being like Lara

As I write, little Lara is sleeping upstairs. She is almost 22 months and a delight to look after. We put wooden shapes in their box, then switch to playing Boo with her red blanket. In a few seconds she wants to read a book but half way thorough, she thinks that launching herself at her giant teddy is far more fun.

Simple things make her giggle, and she appears to me, to be always looking for what will be the most fun. Because she is so full of joy, it’s impossible to be sad when with her. She giggles, I laugh. She smiles and I smile back.

We are all born like Lara, looking for simple pleasures, and finding fun is all that’s around us. This, I believe, is our default nature. We are born to be happy.

There are three emotions that we constantly seek; love, appreciation and joy. Everything we do, we do because that’s the feeling we’re seeking. Think about that. I mean, let’s really think about that.

When we give love, appreciation and joy, it usually comes back to us. That’s why we do it! We may say we want to be completely selfless and give these without expecting anything back, but there’s nothing wrong with giving love, appreciation and joy in the hope that we receive them in return. It’s in our very nature after all.

We can test this quite simply. If you walk down the street scowling, it’s likely that you’ll receive only scowls or even rude comments in return. However, if you smile at everyone you meet, you will have people smiling back at you. And that feels good.

So it figures that if we approach the world, whether they be friends, clients or family, with the aim of giving love, appreciation, and joy, we cannot fail to experience the same wonderful emotions that feed our soul.

Like Lara, we can look for joy in all we do and expect to be happy. If a toddler can do it, so can we. After all, we’ve done it before.

About Karen Burge

I found my passion in using my experiences and training to help others through whatever life threw at them. I have studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Breakthrough Coaching, the Thrive Programme and the Desire Map. This means I can draw on a number of tools and pathways, creating coaching sessions that are completely bespoke to you.

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