Big goals, baby steps

A lot of my work with clients is about moving forward, taking little steps and pushing boundaries.  Often we have a big goal but we have no idea how to start or what to do.  The thing is, if you stay where you are, you aren’t even going to get to the end of the street, never mind to the exotic land you’ve been meaning to visit.

Two things reminded me of this dilemma this week. First I met an amazing woman, Eliza, bursting with energy who wants to inspire women across Africa. She wants to empower them and help them realise their true worth by creating a platform where they can tell their stories.  She feels that for too long african women have been seen as victims, rather than the strong, sassy entrepreneurial women they really are.  It’s a massive project when you stop to think about it.

Feeling rather overwhelmed on her behalf I wished her luck with it.  “Well, I’ll do it with baby steps, one step at a time” she grinned; and I know she will.

baby steps

One of my big plans is to be able to speak to a roomful of people without my hands shaking, my heart pounding and my voice quavering. It’s something I want to do, need to do if I’m to inspire and help other women.  There’s no way I’m going to sign up to speak for half an hour to a large audience, but over the last 18 months I’ve been introducing myself at networking events, first by reading word for word what I need to say, then gradually speaking for a minute without notes.  Then I introduced my new course to half a dozen people at my yoga course; I quivered and trembled a little but got through.  Last week I went along to a Speakers group where I figured I’d learn and gain confidence. Unexpectedly (I was only a guest!), I was asked by a member to give a short speech. At first I said no but then thought, “Well I am here to push my boundaries so I’d should go for it”. So I did.

Two days later I gave a ten minute talk to a local Women in Business group.  I spent time practising and importantly, visualised myself giving the speech confidently, telling myself over and over again that I was going to do it without a tremble. And I did. If you have a big goal, There’s no point standing still, you have to take the first step. Then you take the next, and the next. Eventually the baby steps will get you to your goal.

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