Are You Striving for Perfection?

Trying to be perfect can hold us back from starting a project or living our life to the full. Don't strive for perfection just get good enough...

Is perfection holding you back? Last week I chatted about how it is OK to stop rushing around say "enough". "Enough. I have bought the presents that matter, the dinner will be fine, the house is adequately clean, I have done enough preparation." Now you can relax and enjoy the special time with friends and family, who won't notice that you didn't buy the extra fairy lights, the finest turkey stuffing or the chardonnay flavoured crisps.

This week I have been thinking more about the idea of perfection and how it may just hold us back. As an entrepreneur (6 businesses so far) I know how easy it can be to get everything lined up before deciding you're ready to launch. First there's the mission statement, the goal, the exit strategy to work out. Then there's the website to be designed, the business cards and letterheads to be printed, the marketing set up, the Facebook page, Twitter account and all the PR. One can spend a long time and a lot of money before thinking you're ready to go. If you're a perfectionist it can take way too long. If you have the confidence in yourself and the courage you need, you can take a big breath and just get out there, presenting your big idea to the world and figuring everything else out as you go.

Woman trying to be perfect - overworked - head on desk surrounded by stacks of paper

We are the same when running our lives. How often do we hold back from attending an event, or starting a project because we feel less than perfect? Are we missing out because in our own mind we're not as experienced, clever, pretty or talented as everyone else?

Sometimes we have to be willing to be less than perfect. We have to give up worrying about what others will think, and just get on with it. There's no point waiting until you are slim and supple before joining a yoga class. You'll never start that dance class if you think you look gawky and unco-ordinated. What is preventing you from writing that book, running a marathon or falling in love? What are you waiting for?

So when you look ahead to next year and the new projects you're thinking of, don't let perfection hold you back. Reject the notion that you have to be ready and all has to be perfect. All you need is the time and space and the courage to say "let's go".


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