Dare to Dream!

We all dare to dream, but then what happens? We live life and play small. Reaching for your dream, you embark on a journey and along the way...

This week I’m in Los Angeles, described as the City of Dreams; it’s full of people waiting on their dream (literally, in every restaurant your server may be a ‘wannabe’ actor), pursuing their dream, or living their dream!

Last week we saw Olivia Coleman hold high the Oscar she’d long dreamed of. “I imagined this”, she cried.

When our dream is really aligned with our soul and what it craves, it never really goes away.

In the busy-ness of life, it is still there, nagging away. And we sigh and say “one day when…” and carry on with our life. But your dream is still there.

looking out over a calm sea

When we were young, we dreamt of what life would be like. We imagined the person we’d be and what we’d be doing. We’d always be doing something wonderful – being a doctor, famous dancer, explorer or author.

What happened?

We allow life to happen to us and along the way, we lose the belief in ourselves to make those dreams happen.

We allow the negative thoughts to creep in.

We allow ourselves to doubt.

We allow ourselves to feel incapable.

We allow ourselves to shrink back into life and to play small. We just ‘get on’, and our dreams become a faded memory.

But still they remain, buried in our soul.

One day, and I hope this is for you, you realise that the dream you had is still there, and you decide to fight to make it happen.

It can start in a small way.

When I was a little girl I dreamt of being a famous actress. I was entered into a big poetry competition but when I got on that stage, I froze. I remember still the room going black and the over-riding fear that took over.

So as I grew, I would never speak out loud in a room. I wouldn’t even raise my hand to ask a question. I would say for decades, “I don’t do public speaking”.

I came to believe that if I opened my mouth, my throat would constrict, my heart would pound and I’d never get to the end of my sentence. And that’s exactly what happened.

My dream was still to be able to get on a stage and talk. I knew I wasn’t going to be an actor, but I still loved the idea of captivating an audience.

So I took a decision and then those baby steps.

I went to networking lunches where I had to stand up and introduce myself. I stood with my small piece of paper, reading out my introduction with my hands shaking. Eventually I was able to put the paper down and stand up straight!

I started speaking in public.

After many months I put my name down to give a 10 minute talk. That’s when I really felt fear! But I’d said yes. I had to coach myself through that one, using the tools I use with clients today.

It was all about changing my mindset. It is ALWAYS about changing what you believe!

The short talks became longer talks until I could confidently talk to a room for 20 minutes without notes, and without stumbling or shaking!

Last week I stood in for a speaker who cancelled at the last minute. This year I’m preparing to talk to groups of people in companies. I want to talk to them about making their work just part of their life, and how to make that life the best it can possibly be.

Now here’s the BIG reveal; I’ve learnt that by going for my dream I’ve changed. This is the best part.

When you reach for your dream, who do you become on the journey?

Reaching for a dream IS a journey. Like any other, it will have its twists and turns, ups and downs.

But if your dream is one that is deep inside and fully aligned with who you are, it will keep you going.

Yes, it feels uncomfortable at times. Yes it can be scary and will involve change. Yes you’ll bump up against questions and criticism. But let’s face it, haven’t you dealt with all that before?

Do you dare to resurrect your dream? Many women I meet have firmly packed away their dream. But I believe every woman has her dream. Do you?

What would happen if you owned up to that dream and really went for it?

What if you stopped listening to the voice of doubt?

What if you allowed yourself to believe that you deserved whatever you desire?

Let me ask you; when you’re old and frail and looking back on your life, do you want to cheer or regret?

How will you feel knowing you had a dream once but it never came to fruition?

How will you feel knowing you made it happen?

Will you see what you were capable of?

Will you see that you created something wonderful?

Will you see that you stepped up and were brave?

Will you see that you brought joy and even astonishment?

You have a dream. It doesn’t have to be about becoming a professor or climbing mountains.

It may be to create the most peaceful retreats, or a beautiful garden.

It may be to flaunt blue hair when you’re sixty, lose 2 stone, or become an award-winning dancer.

It may be to influence 100,000 people, or inspire 50 in a village hall to improve your locality.

It could be to play guitar or form a jazz band.

Do you dare to reach for that dream?

You are capable.

You already know what you want.

You are ready.

You can do it.

Tell me, what dream are you going to reach for? Please share in the comments below. Because by declaring your dream, you’re a step closer to achieving it.

And it all starts with one step.


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