Feeling stuck? 3 ways to get unstuck this week

We all have that feeling sometimes of not knowing what to do next. It feels heavy, stagnant, it’s a feeling that can drag us down and make us feel...

I could say I’m stuck, stuck wondering what to write this week, but it got me thinking about being stuck and how often we just sit there, frustrated, not knowing how to go forward. We all have that feeling sometimes of not knowing what to do next. It feels heavy, stagnant, it’s a feeling that can drag us down and make us feel miserable.

If we listen closely, it’s also a feeling that tells us that change is needed and that a transformation is ready to happen. Perhaps a miracle is waiting to occur. It’s also a feeling that could mean we’re resisting something. Maybe our hearts are telling us to try one thing but our head is over-riding that intuition and telling us to ignore that inner voice, and so we do nothing.

Getting unstuck and moving forward - girl on a straight mud path surrounded by water

Here are three things to try to get you moving forward. Firstly, ask yourself whether something in your past is stopping you from moving on. Has something happened that’s made you wary, afraid to try that again in case it doesn’t work out? You’re different now, life has moved on and you are capable of far more if you let that limiting belief go.

Secondly, listen to that quiet voice inside you that you keep pushing aside. It’s your intuition and can be invaluable if only you’ll stop and listen. So give yourself some time out, try and get away where you can be quiet with yourself and listen. You might need to leave your usual surroundings and go somewhere different so that you can be just you, with your inner voice and give it chance to be heard.

Lastly, look at your daily routines and change them for a while. Maybe take a different route to work, eat something you wouldn’t normally try for lunch, or even shift your furniture around at home. Little changes like this stir up feelings of change inside and prepare you for the bigger leap forward.

So this week don’t be stuck. Allow the change, don’t resist and miracles may happen.


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