Happy New Year! What’s your plan?

Happy New Year! Will you create the life you want in 2016? Do you have a plan? If not, can I help you achieve that? Email me at karen@karenjburge.com

Happy New Year! Are you excited? Are you keen to get started, do that amazing work, go to those exotic places? Are you hoping to change jobs, move country, start a new life?

Part of my family lives in Los Angeles, my daughter moved there almost 4 years ago. Her husband got the "dream job" so off they went, taking our 3 year old grandson and 3 month old grand-daughter. Since then, we've spent all our holiday budget and leave time on visiting them. It's a great place to go and we really enjoy our stays there but we'd visit them in Siberia if we had to.

Expats in Los Angeles

I've learnt that theres no point waiting for life to happen. Too many people do that; they just sit there expecting opportunity to present itself. I've discovered (I hope not too late) that you really need to create your own life. You decide on what you want and you plan how to get there. I want to go to LA more. I miss my daughter and grandchildren terribly and need to see more of them. How can I manage that?

First I looked at my coaching practice and realised that while I help people dealing with change, expats have to deal with one of the biggest changes of all. A relocation means a change of role and of identity as well as environment, culture and country. I've seen my daughter go from being a career Theatre Director to full-time Mum, I've come to know Los Angeles and met many British folk there. So I have a plan now to coach British expats in LA. (If you want to know of my expat life, click here).

I've also realised that I need help, I need a mentor to help me create that life I want. So I've found a high powered coach and I start her programme in mid-January. Lo and behold, her first of 4 live events this year is to be held in Los Angeles. I'll be there in March and I made it happen!

So do you have a plan to get where you want to be next year? How are you creating the life you want? I know it's tough trying to do it all by yourself, I've been there - for too long! If you want a change but don't know how to take those first steps; if you're seeking clarity so that you can move forward, would you like me to help in some way? Just drop me a line at karen@karenjburge.com or book a FREE clarity call. Whatever you do, I'd love to hear how you get on and how far you get in 2016, it's going to be an exciting year! Happy New Year!


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