Why french women say yes to everything!

French women treat themselves differently, which enables them to say yes to self-respect and everything we think of as indulgence. Why is that?

I fell in love with France when I was at school learning about the beautiful chateaux in the Loire Valley. After many years of holidaying there, and even buying a tiny house in a village, we eventually bought a much bigger place - a 'Maison de Maitre' - and lived there full time.

Now there's a lot written about french women and how they treat themselves so well; particularly the Parisiennes who are always thought to be slim and chic! In the south west my neighbours were as varied as the women in any other country, but it's true, there was a different philosophy that permeated life.

I can tell you, French women do say Yes to life! They certainly say yes to great food and wine, so how do they stay slim? We know they eat croissants, chocolate, and foie gras. They drink Champagne and wine of course! They say yes to four course meals and eat all that cheese!

But there are certain rules in place.

Firstly they only eat when they feel hungry, and then it is the best quality food. If they indulge one day, they'll make sure they eat less the next. Because they eat delicious food, they eat slowly and savour each mouthful, and while they might adore croissants and pastries, these are an occasional treat, not an every day indulgence! Food, like friendship is to be celebrated!

French women on the whole, treat their bodies with respect. They recognise that unless they take of themselves, they can't take care of others. They know that when they feel strong, they can handle any circumstance. But above all they treat themselves well because they honour and respect themselves in all things. And they take responsibility.

When you do all that, you don't allow other people to take advantage of you, sucking your energy or taking up your precious time. You don't tolerate bad behaviour from others because you know you deserve better.

At the same time you enjoy the nice things in life.

You don't keep the good china for 'special occasions', because life is a special occasion!

You wear good clothes because you want to look your best, not for others, but because it makes YOU feel good.

If you feel tired, you take a nap, because that's what your body needs. And when you feel like dancing until dawn, you do that too, because life is to be celebrated.

When you honour yourself, you find yourself saying yes to everything life has to offer - as long as it's the best thing for your mind, your body or your soul.


If you'd like to learn more about staying slim the french way, I can recommend the book Why French Women Don't Get Fat! Get it here.

How are you when it comes to respecting and loving yourself? Do you yearn to say Yes more often but think you don't deserve what you want? Do comment below and let me know; and if you'd like to talk about this, click here.


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