When to say a big loud Yes!

We say Yes out of laziness, obligation or fear. But when we say Yes to all that life has to offer, even though it feels uncomfortable, we change.

That short word Yes. Such a little word, yet so powerful. Saying it can keep us stuck, or help us rise.

Sometimes it’s said out of laziness. You know, when you mean to “be good”, and lose those few extra pounds? But you’re in the queue for a coffee and it’s so easy to say Yes to that double chocolate chip muffin that’s sitting there on the counter.

We say Yes out of obligation. A friend calls you up and asks you to help out at a school fete, or sit on a committee; you think “well I really ought to, she’ll be disappointed in me if I refuse”. Then you end up resenting your friend, and the event, and it’s just an energy sucking experience all round!

Then there’s the Yes due to the Fear Of Missing Out (see my last blog on this here). You agree to going to a local knees up, not because you like the people and you think it’ll be a great thing to do, but because you dread the idea of missing out on the local gossip, that they might have more fun than you, or heaven forbid, the chance to be “in with the in-crowd”.

However, saying No can stifle you and keep you stuck. Saying No can keep you safe, at home, doing what’s familiar. If you want to expand your life, have more experiences, and grow yourself, there are times to step up and say an enthusiastic YES!

When you say a big loud Yes to life and all that's on offer, you become the person who's eager, courageous, confident and fun to be with! (I still push myself to say yes; here I am in Egypt having a wonderful time when so many said it was too risky!)

Karen in Egypt

What could you say Yes to?

  • Saying Yes to the chance of a last minute trip could lead to new and exciting places and people. Who knows who you might meet, or what may happen?
  • Saying Yes to an opportunity that feels darned scary could lead to a new dimension in your work and business, and potential growth. You'll never expand if you always say No to an invitation.
  • Saying Yes to buying something gorgeous and expensive (that you normally wouldn’t), wakes you up to recognising your worth. Yes, you do deserve that!
  • Saying Yes can be uncomfortable, but if it’s the next step that will take you nearer to your dream, it’s the best Yes of all. Take a deep breath and jump in!

This week, what could you say Yes to that will help you rise?

What are you afraid to say yes to right now? Is there a goal that feels impossible? I can help you get rid of the fear and take the next steps to a different way of doing and being. If you're tired of saying "I'd love to but...", email me at karen@karenjburge.com and let's talk.


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