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Our environment is known to significantly influence our mood and subsequently our behaviour. Don’t you feel more positively inclined...

I look out of my window and look upon a green lawn, with plenty of trees, then a green field and finally a tree covered hill. I am surrounded by nature. I feel incredibly blessed, especially when the sun is shining and everything is lit up. Most would envy me my surroundings and my spirits are definitely lifted when it is bright and sunny.

Our environment is known to significantly influence our mood and subsequently our behaviour. Don’t you feel more positively inclined towards your fellow human beings when you’re out in warm weather and all looks good? Have you been in a railway station where classical music is playing and instantly felt calmer about your journey? Do you walk along a sea-shore and feel open-hearted and at peace?

The opposite is true too. We all feel dragged down when walking through a dismal area, seeing rubbish scattered around and crude graffiti scrawled on the walls. Research has shown that these surroundings can produce alienation and depression. People living in ugly areas usually feel miserable and dejected. Whereas walking by the sea or out in the countryside apparently makes us more generous and trusting towards other people.

graffiti and train tracks

I even read recently that people stepping off rising escalators are more helpful and generous than those stepping off descending escalators – something for the buskers and charity collectors to bear in mind!

So our environment is incredibly influential on how we feel and subsequently how we behave. So although I can see nature outside, I’m often surrounded by an untidy desk and cluttered room. Now I know my environment is going make me feel good or not, it’s time to start tidying and making my space uplifting. I want to feel happy whatever it’s doing outside!


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