Business Breakthrough

2 hours focussed on your business, giving you ideas and an action plan  

Sometimes you need to tackle a particular challenge, or just look at what’s happening in your company so you can make the next steps.  Perhaps you need fresh ideas and business advice on how to get more clients and boost your revenue.  

These focussed sessions cost £220, and whatever it is you need, we’ll get it sorted.

You’ll take away information, an action plan, and a new impetus.  We can get together in person, or hold it over zoom which can be recorded.  

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“I met Karen several months before I started to work with her and was impressed by the nuggets of wisdom she was freely willing to share over a coffee. Due to these very easy action items and the simple way she explained stuff I decided to work with her. Karen gave me quite a lot of prep to do pre session so that our time together was focused and concentrated. I came away with a strategy for growth and goals to generate consistent clients broken down into steps. Highly recommended. ”

Sue Potgieter, The Genuine Living Company