Colouring Books for Mindfulness – just how do they work?

There has been an explosion. Everywhere you go you see them. I’m talking about colouring books. They are everywhere, and the point of them is to help you be mindful.

Mindful? What’s that all about then? It’s a concept and a practice that’s been around for a while but is now getting some flack; probably because of all those crazy books.



To be fair, the books of beautiful outlines ready to be turned into fantastical works of art are wonderful. People love them and will spend hours recapturing the sense of fulfillment they had as a child. The point of them is to get you to focus on doing just one thing. You’re not supposed to do your colouring while watching television for instance. It is suggested that you concentrate on the feel of the crayons, the lovely colours, the outlines, and therefore free your mind of the usual chatter.

 That is what mindfulness is about. Freeing your brain from constant chatter.

 Mindfulness, whether through colouring books, meditation or practice, is a growing phenomenon. I think it is because we are all so busy now, and with our screens and the urgency of life, becoming disconnected from what matters. Our brains are not used to us doing so many things at once.

You can use Mindfulness in your life in various ways. For instance, deciding to concentrate on enjoying a job you usually hate is a great way to get through it. If you are washing up you could notice the heat of the water, see the action of the bubbles and wonder at their shape. As you scrub away at a pan, you might notice how satisfying it is to get it all shiny again and how that makes you feel. What you will notice is that your mind is no longer thinking a dozen different things and your breath has slowed. That’s a great stress buster in itself.

So in our frantic, action packed days, it’s a good idea to take time to stop and breath and think of just one thing. Even if you don’t think you’re being “mindful”, it feels so good when the world slows down and you can briefly observe what’s really going on next to you. And the more you look, the more you see and you’ll feel just a bit happier.

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