Marketing Message Blueprint Workshop

How to attract and gain more clients.

Your marketing and revenue is about to change.

Does this sound like you?
 *  You sit in frustration because you can’t get in front of the RIGHT people.  
*  You can picture your perfect customers, but can’t quite describe them.  
*  You put your messages out there but no-one really understands what you’re offering.  
*  You’d like to explain what it is you offer, but can’t get the words together.  
*  You try to post on social media but have no idea how to convey your message.  
*  You’ve got your “I help …” sentence but there’s something missing.  
*  You’re desperate for that clarity that you know will change everything.  

I’m Karen and I know how you feel!

 I’ve been at networking meetings dreading the 30 second intro because I didn’t know how to get over what I did in that short time.  

Or feeling so fed-up when you’re ready promote your new offering, but you can’t convey how it’ll really help your customers.  

And how does it feel when you’ve spent time and money on your website, but you can see people landing and leaving again in 10 seconds.  That was my expensive mistake!
And then I learnt about … 

... your Core Marketing Message.

The message that puts everything together and works beautifully to get you clients. 

That message is your main marketing message - the one that tells people why they should buy from YOU! And this is the ONE thing that I see most entrepreneurs struggle with.   However once you have this message sorted, you’re  clear on what you offer. And because you’re clear, so are your ideal prospects.  When you put that message out there, your perfect customers will immediately see that it’s for them, and know exactly why they should come to YOU. 

In this 2 hour workshop, I’ll walk you through my 4W Framework:
*  You'll learn how to get specific on exactly who you serve - without excluding other potential customers.
*  You’ll discover the quickest way to ensure you ‘talk their language’ – not yours!
*  I’ll show you how to succinctly describe what you do so people are left in no doubt.
*  You’ll be able to describe  the most important part  – the result they’ll get!  95% of business

    owners fail to do this!

When you get this message crafted into ONE sentence, ALL your marketing becomes easier.  
*  You can take that sentence and turn it into a question.
*  You can use it on your website.  
*  You can contract it and even have it on your business  cards.
*  And, it will even give you 40+ content ideas!    

Don't put this off, this is probably the most important thing you need for promoting your business! 

John Soanes


Highly recommended Workshop. Easy to understand, informative, very well organized. It was full of practical and valuable tips.  I really enjoyed it. Thank you!!

The 2 hour workshop will be on 5th May at 9.30 BST.   The workshop will be recorded, and everyone registering will receive this, together with the workbook. 

 Your marketing and revenue is about to change. 

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    How to create your "I help ..." statement to attract leads and gain more clients.

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