The Entrepreneur's Marketing Blueprint

A course, within a community, with personal coaching - so you can create your simple, effective marketing plan in just 16 weeks

If you're a business owner who feels overwhelmed by all the marketing options, and fed up of not getting the income you crave, you're finally in the right place. 
If you’re like me, you’ve tried all the marketing ideas and methods you’ve come across. You just want a simple strategy that will bring in a steady stream of clients.

Because let’s face it, you didn’t start your business to spend your days...

             trying endless marketing activities only to waste time, effort and money-                  
 and getting endlessly frustrated in the process.  
Feeling you have to set up complicated funnels and launch sequences,
but dreading all the technical glitches.  
Using icky sales techniques that didn’t feel right to you, but you
thought it was the magic bullet.  
Yes, same here!

The favourite part of your business is the work you DO.
You'd rather spend your days....

Supporting your
awesome customers
and clients.

Watching sales rhythmically roll in,
even on autopilot.

Creating new,
exciting, and just-
for-fun things.

You really crave to step away from your computer more and live life!
(I know, crazy eh?)

Imagine what it will feel like when ...  

Your message is now attracting exciting,      perfect clients.  No longer are you wondering what to write, and trying   to explain what you do.  

*   You've increased your prices, and are confident in your value - and people are happy to pay you!  

  You feel in control, confident AND have more time to do what you love.  

*   You've a marketing strategy all set up, the processes in place.  You can schedule your fabulous  content - it all just WORKS! 

Let me introduce you to the
Entrepreneur's Marketing Blueprint! 

I created this programme for you – the business owner who feels overwhelmed by all the marketing and just wants a simple process to create a steady stream of clients – without trying ALL the things and feeling stressed. 

Here’s what I know… there are people out there who are looking for you
and want what you offer.
You just need to get your business in front of the perfect people for you,
and sell in an easy authentic way.

Here's everything that's included in the
Entrepreneur's Marketing Blueprint programme

*  5 comprehensive modules you can follow at your own pace, with bonuses along the way.  
*  Video trainings simply explaining everything (no waffle!)    
*  Live coaching calls every week, to ensure your success.  
*  Worksheets, templates, cheat sheets, checklists.    
*  A beautiful community to support, encourage and motivate you.   

All with lifetime access!
   Total value £7,197  
But I want to offer something that's affordable for everyone.  
Here's EVERYTHING you need in ONE place  for just...

£1,997, or 4 payments of £499!

Hello, I’m Karen, and I've been where you are.  I've had my own businesses for over 30 years, and  as time went on there became  more and options for advertising your business.


I went everywhere on social media, I hired a PR person. I built an email list and sent newsletters. I wrote blogs and offered free assessments and calls.

And I got so stressed my heart had to be monitored.
It was then that I realised that all of us entrepreneurs need a simple strategy for gaining clients.
We don't want feast and famine, we want a steady flow of great customers.

And we want it all set up without the stress.  

So what did I do?
I took a step back and worked out exactly what income 
wanted and how I wanted to run my business.
I threw out everything I didn't need and 

streamlined everything else.
In short, I crafted a plan, created a strategy and 

put in the processes.
And then everything changed!

*   I knew exactly how to get my message out there, 
     and explain what I do.

*   I was engaging in conversations and signing wonderful,                    fascinating clients.

*   Suddenly the people I wanted to work with were 
     contacting me!

  I had a programme where I could reach many, not a few.

  I had all my marketing content written and scheduled.

  I was back in love with my business, and enjoying what 
     I was best at!

    I had a simple, effective, marketing blueprint!

Right now, you think success will only come if you reach as many people as possible
You believe you have to be everywhere, work more hours, hustle harder.

Let me tell you, it doesn't have to be that way.

You don't have to be overwhelmed, stressed or even just confused!

There's a system to ensure your product or service is seen by just the right people, 
who become your customers ... so you increase your revenue and gain more income. 

The Entrepreneur's Marketing Blueprint

The only programme that takes you step by step, teaches what you need to know,
helps you eliminate what you don't need, and enables you to create your unique,
simple marketing strategy to gain a constant stream of ideal clients.

There are five modules in your Marketing Blueprint

You'll design your perfect life and discover exactly how many clients you really need. This will immediately get you  off the treadmill!
You'll identify your worth and how you can raise your prices with confidence.  

You'll gain true clarity and have strong foundations in place.

We'll dive deep into your prospective clients. You'll discover where the real money is for you by creating your "category of one".
You'l  learn the 3 secrets to get your prospects to want to buy from YOU.  

I'll walk you through the process of creating your unique magnetic marketing message that gets the perfect people saying “that’s for me!”

Everything you need to know to grow your connections, email list, and a tribe of raving fans!

How to create a fabulous lead magnet and make it go viral!  

You'll choose which platform is best for you - then learn all the hacks and tips to make the best connections  - your future clients!

You'll learn how to create authentic, compelling content without spending hours!  

You'll optimise your website to 10x your traffic  - and enable your visitors to trust you, and buy from you.  

We'll cover funnels and ads, should you need them, and always, how to keep it simple!

Now we bring it all together and you'll decide on your unique strategy!

You'll understand simple scheduling, and even craft your email campaigns - if that's for you.  

Now you know what will work for you,  and you'll have it all in place, ready to bring in those clients.  

Walking away with your own structured, unique marketing strategy is the only option - I'm going to make sure of it with ...

Personal Guidance

I’ll be taking you through step by step, so 
you'll put in place all you need. 
 Every week I hold a live coaching call to answer any question. You
can even ask for accountability to ensure
 you implement and get results. 

Peer Support

You'll connect with others, get advice and encouragement, and see how others are implementing the material.  
My members have made extraordinary connections, collaborations, and friendships.

"I have come out of overwhelm with a soft step by step, go at my own pace process for understanding myself, my skill set, and what I do.  
Karen's has a wonderful easy way about her. Her softness eases overwhelm by drawing out the things you didn't realise you were stuck on. Her bite size sharing of the modules certainly eases the process. I love that the videos of the modules are to the point, which means you do not need an hour or more to get hold of the idea and put it into practice.  
I like the regular coaching calls. It's a great way to connect, draw away from my personal train wreck and get clear and get back on track. I do not feel I'm alone in this process.  I most enjoy Karen's kind, easy, non-pushy way of supporting me. I thoroughly recommend it!"  
Reshmi Purmar,

There's more to ensure your success ... 

I have a No Fail Guarantee for you.
I want you to love the Entrepreneur's Marketing Academy and see the results! 
I’ll take you through what I teach my private clients, 
and if you put it into practice, you’ll definitely get results - just like them.

"If you run your own business, have been trying to make money online and failed
then this is the course you need to go on. Highly recommended"  
Marieta, Journalist

"You helped me see a way forward when
I was totally overwhelmed, and it's working!
I have some very happy and excited students looking forward to classes next week!  Once again, a massive thank you Karen."  
Tracy Harris, Yoga Teacher. 

The Entrepreneur's Marketing Blueprint.

Lifetime access to all this ...

5 training modules taking you though all you need.
* 3 Guest Expert sessions on branding, funnel building and Facebook Ads,
* 3 Extra Resources on Mindset for Business, Networking
and all the Email Templates.
Worksheets, templates, cheat sheets, checklists.
A beautiful, supportive community of entrepreneurs just like you.
Live and personal coaching calls every week to ensure your success.  

EVERYTHING you need in ONE place  for just...  

£1997, or 4 payments of £499!