Enough is Enough

Have you got Christmas all sorted yet? Have you done enough?   In what feels a previous life I’ve been Superwoman.  I was THE Shirley Conran of Tufnell Park, making sure every little detail was perfect, while shrieking that “if it wasn’t for us wives, Christmas wouldn’t happen!”.  Oh yes, I can be very good at being sanctimonious. Then I was the online retailer, frantically packing orders and lugging them all down to the Post Office, every day until I was exhausted and shredded like a gift ribbon.

This year I’m really laid back about Christmas. Yes there are gifts to wrap, quite a lot of cards to write and a little tree to decorate, but I’m not feeling that high octane stress of past years. Just as I’ve decided not to constantly worry about what the neighbours think (see last week’s musings), now I’m learning to say “enough”.  Because unless we learn to say “enough” there will always be more to do. More shopping, more planning, more decorations, more cooking.  That usually means more frayed nerves, more stress, more debt, more exhaustion.

I read an old post of Brene Brown recently where she looked back on one Christmas and wrote “It was exhausting and I was just waiting for it to be over. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t the victim of this holiday circus, I was the ringmaster.”  It is easy to get swept up in the ‘perfect Christmas’ story, taking on the responsibility of everyone else having a wonderful time, becoming the ringmaster of your own frantic circus. Except that the ones you love would probably like to have some more of you and your time, rather than knowing they were eating the perfect pork and cranberry stuffing.

Enough at Christmas

So I’m going to suggest that this week you simply say “enough”. Christmas dinner just needs to be edible, not be awarded a Michelin star. There are people who won’t even notice if they don’t get a Christmas card from you, and you’ve probably got more than enough lights on the tree already. My gift to you is giving you permission to stop, relax and say “enough, it’s not perfect but it is enough”.

If you can say that, stop and breathe, you’ll start to remember what matters most. You’ll look around and be grateful of what you have, and enjoy the simpler side of Christmas. After all, it’s your holiday season too and you deserve to enjoy the whole magical essence of it.

Warmest wishes, Karen xx

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