Fear and Hunger

What do you think of when you hear the phrase FOMO? It stands for the Fear Of Missing Out, a digital phenomenon, which makes us addicted to our screens.

  • It is our hunger for knowledge.
  • It’s our hunger to stay connected to everyone.
  • It’s our hunger for checking emails and messages.
  • It’s our hunger for sharing all we do, so that people may form a certain impression of us.

It’s all based on fear; the fear of missing out and of not being good enough.

We spend so much time gathering information, watching what others are doing, and concerning ourselves with what the outside world thinks of us. There are messages to check and reply to, other people’s posts to respond to. And we feel that everyone is always better, smarter and more connected to us.

And so it goes on. The more we see, the more inadequate we feel. The more we read about, the more we feel we’re missing out. Our fear increases and so our hunger increases.

What a vicious circle.

And it’s worse. As we spend increasing amounts of time looking to the outside, the less we listen to ourselves.

The “busy-ness” of outside prevents us from listening to our own thoughts. Which I have to say are usually better and smarter than those we pay attention to. Our fear should be what of ourselves are we missing out on!

Bill Gates had what he called a “think week”, when he would remove himself from the office, ignore the outside world and give himself time to think. The ideas he came up with during those times, meant he grew Microsoft in an extraordinary way. In ways that even changed our world.

We all need these times to think.

You may not be able to take a week, but a day can make a huge difference when you create space and allow your own thoughts, and ideas to come to the forefront of your mind. When you give yourself this time, you become a creator.

When you let go of the Fear Of Missing Out, you are no longer hungry for what others offer because you reclaim your own ability and power. You too find the opportunity to expand your life and your business and hey, you too could change the world.

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