How Are You and Stress?


This is stress

Hands up if you’re stressed. What is stress?  It happens when we feel that we can’t cope with pressure. The pressure can come in various shapes and forms and our bodies then respond, usually in the form of  a physiological “flight or fight” reaction. You know the feeling; hormones rush in and your breathing becomes faster, your heart rate goes up and you may even start to sweat. What’s not great is that these physical reactions to stress can leave us viewing the world as a hostile place, perceiving threats from many quarters and constantly prepared for confrontation. It doesn’t sound a good state to be in does it?

So those people in highly stressful jobs, how do they cope?  I’m thinking of pilots, TV presenters, those with targets and deadlines; those with big responsibilities, in bad relationships or those who just take on too much. When you’re up against a stressful situation, how will you deal with it?

First I suggest that you take a deep breath. Seriously, concentrating on taking deep and relaxing breaths immediately slows the heart down and makes you feel instantly calmer. If you can, remove yourself from whatever it is that’s causing you to be stressed. Give yourself some time out to clear your mind and be still.  Less stress. This is an immediate solution but we all live busy if not frantic days and we need to learn how to decompress.

You need to give yourself the time and care you need, you need to give back to yourself.  Do you have someone you can talk things over with each day?  Just getting it all out there helps you to let it go.  Many of us just love a hot bath, surrounded by soothing music and candles.  Whether in the bath or not, just focussing on a candle flame for a few minutes, and taking those deep relaxing breaths does wonders.

If you’re up against stress each day, a good night’s sleep is SO important. Good sleep helps you face the next day with energy. There’s been a lot of research on the impact of looking at screens before bedtime. Don’t do it!  Computer or phone screens alter our brain waves and we want to be relaxing anyway, not catching up on depressing news or busy conversations.  Leave that last half hour before sleep for you, it’s your time. A quiet time to read, to reflect on the day that’s just closing, a time to come back and focus on yourself and how you’re feeling. Leave the To-Do lists behind and think about the good things that have happened to you that day. This is a time to be grateful, release the stressful stuff, and breathe.  Sweet dreams, and here’s to a calmer day tomorrow.

If you’re feeling stressed and need a bit more help, book a call with me to discover how you can get rid of the stress and get your life back on track.

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