How Awesome are You!

Are you awesome? No? Are you pretty amazing? No? Are you sure?

When was the last time you congratulated yourself? Do you spend time criticising yourself instead, berating yourself for being such a dork, not getting that Thing done, messing up. Not being a good friend, a perfect parent or lousy daughter?

We are so good at admiring other people that we forget how great we are too.

First you have to recognize all those things you have achieved, than praise yourself. There’s nothing a like self-praise for lifting the spirits to extraordinary heights.  It’s time to see how awesome you are and give yourself a little self-love.

self-love, how awesome are you? II

Here’s a challenge for the week. Write down all the things you’ve achieved so far this year, the big and the little. It might be the fundraising walk you’ve done, the promotion you got, the speech you made or the piece of work you finished. Did you do something that originally felt uncomfortable? Did you push yourself to greater effort and were surprised at your own ability?

Then there’s all those little things you’ve done to make someone else feel better. The meals you’ve cooked, the hands you’ve held. All the times you said Yes when you really felt like saying No. The times you’ve offered your help to a friend, or a stranger.

Be conscious of just how fantastic you’ve been. You have achieved, you have been successful, you have mattered.  And you just keep doing it all. How amazing is that?

When you’ve written your list, put it somewhere you can see it each day or carry it round with you and then tell me how much better you feel in a week.

Love Karen

PS. If you’ve forgotten how awesome you are and need to regain your confidence and self-belief, why not have a have a conversation with me to see if private coaching is for you?  Book here.

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