Pamper Your Inner Princess

Today I picked from my bookcase an old favourite with the intriguing title of “Wear More Cashmere”. I love the author’s name too – “Gin” Sander.

I was looking for a particular piece where she recommends a unique wedding gift, but I was also reminded of the ways she suggests on how to pamper your inner princess.

Self-love is a popular term that gets bandied around a lot these days, especially by us coaches! It’s true, you have to develop self-respect and self-love if you want to discover the person you really are before you got into that sharing, caring giving-it-all away role. I’ll talk about the philosophy behind self-love another day, because it is important. To find fulfillment, we need to not only acknowledge, but celebrate our achievements, recognize our awesomeness, and learn to appreciate ourselves.


But today I’m feeling more frivolous, and spurred on by the book, I’m going to pick out a few things you could indulge in to make you feel like the wonderful person you are. Some cost a little money but others are free so here goes.

What’s playing in your head when you enter a room, when you’re feeling sexy or need a confidence boost? What about when you pull into your drive at night? To start each day I play Michael Buble singing ‘Feeling Good’, it’s so uplifting. Go on, choose your own theme song, what sums you up and makes you hold your head high?

How about making yourself the most indulgent cup of hot chocolate, not with a spoonful of cheap sugar-laden powder, but with real chocolate and cream.

You might not be able to stay at some swanky hotel, but you can enjoy sinking into one of the sofas in the lobby, read a book, and look as though you’re staying a week. You might even treat yourself to a cocktail.

Buy yourself flowers. £10 would buy a big bunch of lilies to scent the whole house and they’d last over a week, which is £1 a day. Aren’t you worth £1 a day?

I know I am.

Go ahead and celebrate yourself without waiting for anyone else to do it. And don’t feel guilty. Princess, you’re worth it.








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