Shining your Light.

This week millions around the world have celebrated Diwali, the Festival of Light. It is a wonderful celebration dedicated to the triumph of goodness over evil and knowledge over ignorance. It honours the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, and the legend of Rama and Sita. The festivities include decorating everywhere with thousands of lights and candles. There are fireworks and the giving of gifts and it’s a very happy, joyful time.

It is not just an outward celebration, but a spiritual awareness of ones own “inner light”. Now I’m not a Hindu and my knowledge is scant, but I think it is a lovely thing to look stop and wonder at your own inner light.


Each of us has it, but how do we choose to shine it? Do we even allow our light to shine, or do we keep it hidden as though we are fearful to be seen?

When we do shine, we look outwards, to our fellow human beings, to the wider world. There is a lovely quote by Stephen Cope which reads, “Each of us feels some aspect of the world’s suffering acutely. And we must pay attention. We must act. This little corner of the world is ours to transform. This little corner of the world is ours to save.”

So we don’t have to take on everything, we just need to take one small action and be able to shine. And I think most of us do. We just forget to acknowledge the little ways in which we transform the world.

This week I went to a beautiful calm meditation where we were invited to light three candles. The third was to be for whatever or whoever we felt in the world we’d like to shine. So I lit a candle to all the wonderful women who forget how awesome they are. Day after day they do the little actions that keep everything going. Every day they keep on shining.

So to all you amazing, sparkling women out there, here’s a candle to you and may you keep on shining your light.

Love and light, Karen x


PS  If you’re not sure just how to shine your light any more, book a conversation with me and let’s light you up!




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