Should I have a niche?

If you’re wondering whether you should have a niche, do you know the parable of the farmer scattering his seed in the hope of a good crop?  Unfortunately, some of it fell on hard ground, some seed was eaten by birds, and some blew away.  I see that happen to a lot of marketing!   Most business owners want to serve ‘everybody’ and consequently their marketing isn’t producing a good crop of customers.

The easier way to get a good crop – a solid stream of clients – is to decide on a niche. If you’ve never considered this, please read on, because if you discover that a niche is for you, it can transform your business.

First, never worry about missing out. Even when you clearly state whom you serve, there will still be others who’ll come and ask if you can help them too.   Only now you can decide if you want them as customers. 

When you decide to serve a particular section of people, you’ll study and learn all about them.  As you research, you’ll come to understand them, their challenges and their needs.   Then you see that you can provide them with the solution they’re searching for.  Your marketing message can now be very specific in who you help, and how.

Claire is a client of mine and she’s an accountant.  There are a lot of accountants!

Whenever she tried to promote her business, her marketing was like scattered seeds – falling on stony ground.  We discussed whom she really wanted to work with and where her expertise lay, and she soon decided she wanted to focus on solicitors.  She became The Solicitor’s Accountant!  Now, if she goes networking, she knows what to say.  Her message is also very clear across her website, her social media, and even her business cards. She doesn’t waste time talking to ‘everybody’; but when a solicitor approaches her, they immediately hear that she is the solution for them.  She no longer has to sort the wheat from the chaff!

When you listen to your chosen market, you pick up their language.  You notice the words and phrases they use to describe what they’re thinking, feeling and doing.  You can now use these words in your marketing messages, knowing your ideal clients will instantly understand.

When you have a niche, you know exactly what your people want, and you know that you have the solution.   You’re the person they need, and you can describe the result you can give them.  Suddenly you can create a message that’s clear and very effective.

If you don’t have a niche, consider whether you could.  Who do you enjoy serving?  Where does your expertise lie?  Who would be great customers for your business?  Get clear on a specific group and you can plant your marketing seeds, knowing they’ll grow, instead of scattering them to the wind.  And that will help your business grow.

You need a niche to capture clients.

About Karen Burge

I found my passion in using my experiences and training to help others through whatever life threw at them. I have studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Breakthrough Coaching, the Thrive Programme and the Desire Map. This means I can draw on a number of tools and pathways, creating coaching sessions that are completely bespoke to you.

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