Spring Cleaning! Getting lighter and ready to dance.


I think this week we have definitely seen good positive signs of Spring. While the daffodils have been dancing for a while, the magnolia blossoms are now unfurling and we’re waking up to sunshine. At last.


Some of us think about Spring Cleaning or perhaps, these days without coal fires and grimy rooms it’s more about de-cluttering. I am desperate now to find time to get rid of all excess ‘stuff’, and to keep only those things that delight me.   I’ve learnt, probably much later than I ought, that more things don’t make you feel more alive. Yet feeling more alive is what we want.

I’ve learnt that letting go of some things whether they be shoes or relationships, makes space for better things to enter. De-cluttering is a way of hitting the Refresh button of life.

So what can you get rid of this Spring? How about those people who suck you dry and don’t support you?  Then there are those bad habits that don’t serve you anymore. I’d like to say goodbye to those decisions I made that no longer support my self-care and self-worth. Oh and those steps I took that didn’t really encourage my personal growth, but swept me backwards instead.

It would be good to de-clutter the inefficiency and time wasting at work so that it becomes balanced and invigorating. I want my coaching to be inspiring and empowering to others, and time wasted on things that don’t matter is a waste of very precious time I won’t get back.

So I know I want to get lean and clean for the rest of the year. I’m getting rid of the stuff that’s holding me back so I can start to fly. Would you feel lighter and freer without certain ‘stuff’ in your life? I reckon dancing with the daffodils is just the start!

Do you need a good Spring Clean? You want to clear out old limiting beliefs and start to see clearly on where you want to go?  One of my coaching programmes will be just right for you.  Take a look here and book a call to discuss how to move forward. It’s a great journey but you have to take the first step!

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