One Day Intensive Coaching

One Day Intensive CoachingOne Transformational Day 

What are your major challenges in life or business right now? 

How are they impacting on you?

What’s going to happen if they don’t get sorted?

Imagine a day totally devoted and focused on you. This day is for women who already recognise their real worth, and are ready to commit to a real shift in their thinking and their life.

We’ll meet at a luxury venue and put laser sharp focus on what you need to change. Working together we’ll get to the root of the problem and you’ll finally let go of all the stuff that’s held you back.  Then we’ll discover what you need and start to create those dreams. At the end of this intensive day you’ll have an action plan and will feel empowered and full of confidence, ready to smash your goals.

This is hard work because you want results, but it’s joyous work because you’ll see an amazing transformation. If you suspected you were heading for burnout, this will take you to breakthrough instead. 

What’s involved?

First we’ll talk over the ‘phone to discuss what you want out of this intensive, and you’ll be sent a questionnaire to complete and a welcome pack.

Available in Los Angeles, London or the countryside of Sussex, England, we spend the day starting from 10am in a beautiful hotel that will make you feel as special as you are. This is a safe space and time for you to be guided and supported. You’ll enjoy a delicious first class lunch and we’ll talk some more. Then it’s time to go and have a relaxing massage and reflect on what has been discovered. We’ll come back together and go over the day, prioritizing your needs and plans and drawing up a strategy to take you forward. This will take as long as you need.
Later there’ll be a follow-up call to keep you on track to achieving a wonderful year.

If you really desire extraordinary results you need to be prepared to invest in yourself. That means spending time, effort and money to achieve the results you want.

The investment in money is £1497. The rest is up to you, but I’m there with you. If you’d like to ask me any questions about this day, please book a call now.

Karen J Burge
Coaching in London
Coaching in Sussex