Yes you can set an extraordinary goal.

I expect you’ve set your goals for this year. Are they extraordinary?

Or just a bit mediocre? Ones that you’re pretty sure you’ll reach.

So many I meet, are dreaming so small. Are you setting tiny little goals for yourself that are barely moving your life at all?

What is an extraordinary goal? It is a goal that’s out of the ordinary. It’s a goal that feels impossible.

It’s also a goal that changes you. You have to grow in order to reach it. But as you think and act differently, you become the person who will reach that extraordinary goal.

And that changes everything.

One client of mine said to me “I’m afraid I’m going to fail.”

And I told her, you have to be willing to fail.

A lot of times, we look at successful people we don’t see all of the failures that they went through to create that success. Nor all the times they picked themselves up and tried again.

The moment you set an extraordinary goal, all of your doubts are going to come up, and all of the reasons why you think it can’t happen; why you’re not smart enough, rich enough, whatever enough, that’s going to all come up. And those are the thoughts of yourself that you have to let go of. 

Other clients say they’re afraid to be disappointed.

And what I told them is that disappointment is a choice.

And why would I choose to feel disappointed when I had the courage to do something that so many don’t? I know that even if I fail, and I never achieve that goal, I will not be the same person. And secondly, I will be so much further ahead. I may not be at the extraordinary goal, but I certainly won’t be sitting where I am now. It will move me forward.  

 Another excuse is “I’ve never been able to do it before.” 

Listen, you’ve got to stop looking into your past.

If you keep looking into the past, you’re going to keep recreating that past. I want you to look into the future, and ask what you really want!

The version of you that can create an extraordinary goal for herself,  she doesn’t do it by constantly focusing on what has been. If this is your one life, what would you love to say that you achieved, experienced, accomplished, or created?

Some will say “I don’t know how.”

A lot of you are letting the how stop you.

You don’t know the how. I don’t know the how.  And that’s OK. 

What I do know is the what and the why. I know what I want this year and I know why I want it, and this is the fuel that will help me reach my goal.  And I’ll just start taking action and be prepared to fail along the way.

So, I want to ask you, if you’re 100% honest with yourself, what would you love to create this year? What would be an extraordinary goal for you?

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About Karen Burge

I found my passion in using my experiences and training to help others through whatever life threw at them. I have studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Breakthrough Coaching, the Thrive Programme and the Desire Map. This means I can draw on a number of tools and pathways, creating coaching sessions that are completely bespoke to you.

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